Monday, May 14, 2012

CTS Affinity X 10'0" 2wt.

Here is a ultralight french nymphing rod built on the fastest line of freshwater blanks that CTS New Zealand makes. The Affinity X.
French nymphing is used a lot in cristal clear waters where a stealth approach is critical. Ultra long leaders are easy to cast out on this soft tipped 10'0" 2wt. long rod and controling the nymphs is very easy. Allthough this method seems to take out some of the challenges of fly fishing, this thing definitely catches more fish that the standard 9'0" rod, fly line and leader, especially with 15' long tapered leaders. I use this method when nothing else works or when the water is overfished and the fish are stressed out. As much as I love dry fly fishing and fly casting, when it comes to technical nymphing I don't go out fishing without one of these babies in the trunck of the car. Just in case.
Nickel silver components used here with a redwood spacer and a beautiful rusty red silk thread to match it. This is a custom order so this rod is sold. Thanks for looking!


Jorge said...

woww,, beautiful fly rod, congrats!

George said...

Thanks Jorge and welcome!