Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Sage TXL "Triple Ought"

The TXL triple ought fly rod. Possibly the lightest fly rod that's ever been made. 

Sage's lightest, yet high-performing fly rod for the creek fisherman, like myself. This "trout extra light" rod is most wanted even today by most #troutxtralight fishermen. 

The TXL "near weightless" series was the third ultralight Sage made and Jerry Siem's golden jewel from back in 2005. This blank came back from the warranty repair a few months back and it is always nice to build up a "legacy" Sage TXL blank. I'm loving this thing.

The rod is built more or less in the original color scheme and components, but with a classy strap and ring hoop keeper. The reel seat wood insert is a thing of beauty.

I got to fish this rod for a bit before it went out in the mail to a friend and brought up many memories.

 Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the pics! Always! #perfectionflyrod

Friday, May 26, 2023

T&T Lotic

 A special project I've recently finished. Simply put, the Thomas&Thomas Lotic represents the state-of-the-art in fiberglass rods made today. As soon as I picked up this blank I knew it will be something special. Looks like a modern take on a classic taper with a crisp feel and a snappy action. 

The blank was purchased by a good friend who had the factory rod at some point, saying that this Lotic 744-3 was the best four weight he has ever cast. That intrigued me the most to build this rod. 

We decided to go with a six inch "snub-nose" modified wells grip and a classic uplocking Lemke reel seat in bright hardware and dark, almost black wood to complement the royal blue colored blank as good as possible. The blueish-grey Yli silk tipped white in key spots was a good match and the Struble Mfg. blue agate was a must.

More recently I started to source out locally made aluminum rod tubes, trying to make them as minimalist and exquisite as possible. My friend had some ideas of laser printing on the tube caps and the result was stunning. 

The rod was ready just in time for the Romanian Fly Fishing Expo event this month and was able to cast it. This Lotic is indeed a very stable rod for glass to cast at almost any fishing distances. I've put my trusty Airflo line that I use at casting demos and the rod threw stable, effortless tight loops like butter. 

Should you want that special rod for yourself, drop me an email to talk about it, but be sure to be loaded with patience, it may be difficult to find a blank etc. Will be taking some orders probably in the fall but would preffer to offer "stock built rods" more in the future. This makes life a little bit easier and is best to avoid long waiting time and frustration associated with that. 

Hope you'll enjoy the photos and thanks for looking! A rod of a lifetime! #perfectionflyrod #glassisnotdead

Monday, May 8, 2023

The Steffen Brothers legacy duo

I recently finished this cool Steffen Brothers pair. These were the last blanks coming out of the Steffen shop in Arizona, in late 2020 according to their owner. Some of the most remarkable fiberglass rod designs ever made.

Simple, minimalist style builds with Garrison style reel seats and vintage Mildrum stripping guides. These went to Italy early this spring after a super long waiting time.

The Steffen legacy continues with Shane Gray of Graywolf rods taking over the blank production. 

With so many fiberglass blanks available today I'm always up to the challenge of building something new out there. Thanks for looking!