Saturday, November 18, 2023

Sage X

Another Sage rod worth mentioning among some "perfection fly rods" built this year. 

This X 796 is arguably one of the best 7wt.'s Sage company ever made. The rod features oversized guides for both fresh and saltwater use and might just be the perfect big trout streamer rod, steelhead or light salmon. Black and silver accents with dark spruce, almost black wraps. Custom all black powder anodized aluminum tube with laser printed logos. Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 13, 2023

Sage Trout LL

This Sage was completed this spring for a local fly-fishing event. Ended up casting it extensively and fishing it a couple of times before it eventually found its place in someone's quiver. It actually felt quite sweet. Not too fast for a Sage 4wt. with fiber technology advancements Sage company is known for.

The appointments are pretty "standard Sage" I would say but this is a beautiful, modern-classic rod that will never go out of style. A custom painted, locally crafted aluminum tube with laser cut logos was made to complete the set. 

All Sage blanks are covered by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects (free of charge). In case of an accident a blank is repaired at a reasonable charge for the current models plus the additional building cost for the section being repaired, so you're fully covered in case of a rod breakage. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Epic 370

Finished this Epic 370 in a sparse, minimalist style with the newly reborn, classy Struble U27 reel seat in bright nickel, clear olive wraps, a short modifed wells grip and a clear agate. Will probably finish another one in black this winter. A terrific little fiberglass rod designed and tested by Swift in Japan with the C&F team. Thanks for looking! #fastglass #perfectionflyrod

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Tom Morgan Favorite

Here's the thing. I built a few Winston rods in the past and I always was a big fan of their classic rods like the older IM6 series from the Tom Morgan era and the latter WT and LT's. 

This classy, timeless TMF rod needs no more introduction and I am utmostly proud of the outcome on this rod after 20+ years of rod building. 

This rod stands out from the crowd with understated, elegant appointments and amazingly smooth performance. A rod that was once great rod will always be great. For the truly passionate trout angler nothing will replace the TMR from Winston!

The Tom Morgan legacy continued. Thanks for looking! #perfectionflyrod