Friday, January 20, 2012

Sage TCR 696-4. Work in progress.

Bringing you one of the last remaining "tough boys" from Sage. The TCR. It's real challenge and delight to work on the most Technical Casting Rod fast action, huge distance casting stick Sage has probably done so far. Stay tuned for this one (this one's for sale) and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sage Z-Axis 586-4

Here is the first built this year, the marvelous fast action Z-Axis series from Sage that has been discontinued in 2011 for the new One series. Before finishing this beauty I had the chance to cast it and I can honestly say the Z-Axis is one of the best fast action rods Sage has ever produced despite the long talk about how good its predecessor was, the XP. The Z-Axis replaced the XP some years ago and was designed to do everything the XP did but in a lighter, smaller diameter package and way more fishable in close and medium range. I particulary like the Z-Axis in the more versatile 9' lenghts in 3, 4, and 5 weight. I think the 9' 5 weight Z-Axis was the most talked fast action rod at Sage and I'm sure this won't be it.
Meanwhile I have a great pleasure to show you my latest custom build. Allthough some say I am a bit "slow" or a very meticulous builder, this thing has its benefits. I take my time for each particular build. With each build I'm mastering my epoxy work, handle shapes and rod writing. I'm not a high volume rod builder and even if this would change in the future, my work will continue to be what it is and where there is room to improve, it will.
I hope you'll like this truly one-of-a-kind rod just as much as I enjoyed building it. This rod was sold before completion as the blank was sent it. Coming up next the "hotshot" Sage TCR 696-4 and two more sweet Z-Axis 490-4. Thanks for looking everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sage Z-Axis 586-4. Work in progress.

Custom order status. All wrapped and ready to apply the finish. The antique gold silk will darken considerably and turn medium brown. Black and chestnut signature silk wraps. Hard chrome snake guides, hand turned short cork grip for smaller hands (flor grade cork) and Lemke small diameter nickel silver reel seat with a beautiful dark spalted maple insert. Stay posted and thankx for looking!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lemke Concepts reel seats

Latest reel seat arrival in the new year that just started. These are state of the art quality seats made by Joel Lemke. The downsliding seats you see below are my custom design prototype reel seats. The uplocking desings are usually used for the graphite rods or higher weights fiberglass rods. The downslide designs are mostly for fiberglass rods. Just as much as you do, I'm looking forward to see them in my next builds. Stay tuned for them and thanks for your interest in my work!
Wish everbody a great New Year and may this year be a much better one than 2011!