Monday, November 8, 2021

Hanak Superb 9'6" #1

This is a very unique rod configuration.

With the long and light euro-nymphing trend these days, the rods seem to get lighter and lighter. The folks at Hanak imagined what was an already almost impossible rod to make. A longer ultralight rod that's stable, light yet powerful. 

This super light rod is amazing for fishing low waters in the fall with skinny tippets and small flies especially for grayling. The rod is the perfect ultralight, long leader euro-nymphing or longer dry fly rod. At only 63grams this rod is a tad heavier than my already impossibly light Sage TXL-F #00 and probably the lightest rod of its size.

Classic meets modern. Appointed both aesthetically beautiful (modern classic style) and functionally correct. I feel these two aspects define the "state-of-the-art" rod building. You can't put too much emphasis on looks if the functional aspect is left behind. People concentrate too much on thread color and forget the rod's purpose...grip proportions to rod blank lenght-weight, size-weight of the guides and how they are distributed on the rod's shaft etc. They all matter. The finished rod has to feel, cast and fish right.

I long admired Jerry Siem's philosophy at Sage and he talked about doing things by feel and not only by some computer generated process. Thanks for looking! #perfectionflyrod