Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky 13'teen

Just got back from the river and I have to say that for me the season started only today 'cause of lack of time. Have decided to fish a little bit in the afternoon and not wait for the weekend.

Although 13 is not my lucky looks like it was today.
This is not an everyday trout here in Romania.

PS: The old otter has done the job again but not with great luck...bad on ya' otter..maybe next time :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Somesul Cald River

This river is a larger transilvanian river and a very famous one in Romania, and flows from east to west in the western Carpathians...Year by year, it hosts one of the most popular flyfishing competition in Romania, called "The Golden Trout"... despite the fact that we don't have any golden trouts here:)I have found some older pics on some scratched cd of mine flyfishing the lower part of this river and gotta say they made me smile a little.....oh well maybe a little more :))...The upper part is a pure wild trout and greyling water...
...a nice brownie on a hot summer day ... Another one caught at the "Golden trout" event ......and a beautiful greyling this time..not caught by me but I'm happy to have the picture...Although I remember I wasn't really throwing too many tight loops in the past... ...I also remember some of the nicest wild brows catched and released on some of my old custom crafted rods......hope they are still there...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Red Creek...adventures from the past

Oh well, for those who are unfamiliar with waters from the Carpathians mountains, I'm ready to show you some...This stream is very close to my heart and I always come back here no matter what new places I discover...It's my home water and it's the magic place that can turn anyone into a troutbum from the first rise...This is the place where I caught my first wild trout on a dry fly..
The small pockets combined with big pools or fast currents are all to be found here...
The beautiful wild brown trouts are the only salmonid inhabitants of the Red Creek.. If you ever wanna throw some tight loops on my favorite stream.....prepare yourself for a very unique experience and plenty of wilderness...I'll give you some colors on the next stop here..And show you some very beautifully colored trouts......hiding in some of the tightest spots or fastest runs where many of us never have thought that can hold trout...Until then...
Thanks for the visit and tightloops!!

Tightloop flyfishing adventures and friends...

The trout season started on the 1'st of may here in Romania but didn't get the chance yet to catch some nice fish&pictures but there will be a lot of them hopefully in a few days.
Although this blog of mine was mainly a rodbuilding blog so far, starting with this spring, I will try to show you more from my beautiful country (and not only) and it's wild and beautiful streams, rivers and lakes.
In the mean time enjoy some beautiful photos of a friend of mine that lives in New Zealand...