Guided trips

So I started this guiding project giving the many questions and requests I received from people that couldn't find much information about fly fishing in Romania.

I do it when time allows it, I did it with friends and a bunch of people that were looking to experience something else than what was available in Europe. This is also a great opportunity to check out some nice handcrafted rods and to actually fish them.

The nature here is just amazing. There is no better way to experience fly fishing in Transylvania, Romania than to explore the wild, gin clear freestone streams in the Carpathians. Native wild brown trout on ultralight gear (0-1-2wts.) and camping in remote areas are the rules of the game. 

I like to do two days guided trips or three-four days trips (1-2 fishermen), depending on location, fisherman preference, etc. 

If you are not a camp guy such as myself, you are missing out the long nights by the fire and quality time than could be spent on the water instead of driving to accommodations (but of course that can be arranged).

I shared many pics of these streams with Tom Morgan a couple of years before he passed, and he found them to be very beautiful, and similar to the japanese mountains streams. I was honored to have received that from him.

Please check the pictures below and don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for looking!

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