Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tom Morgan 7'6" 4wt.

 A highly awaited and anticipated build. 

This exquisite Tom Morgan build features some fine appointments like a gorgeous Bellinger DLSB with black ash burl stabilized wood, blued Struble agate stripping guide and burgundy silk wraps main wraps with sunburn thread accents in key areas. 

The fine "Winston grip" adds touch, feel and class to this modern, smooth medium-progressive action rod, beautiful in close but snappy and powerful enough to generate line speed if in need to reach out longer. Turning over long leaders with ease, this rod "paints" the fly on the water with utmost precision and grace, making it the ideal presentation tool at all trout fishing distances.

As with all my rods, "perfection" finishing is the "name of the game" wich can clearly be noticed from my detailed pictures. No corners will ever be cut, so rest assured the long wait to get one of these rods is well worth it.

A very special Morgan rod all the way. Have a couple more coming up in the next months, another one like this from the new series and a couple of older ones from when Tom was alive. Thanks for looking!