Flyfishing is an inspiring sport, and as an enthuziast photographer of  undisturbed  nature and hidden spots, I am in a constant search of the most stunning and wildest places. Fly-fishing photography is a beautiful endeavour of mine.

There is nothing like being surrounded by beautiful sceneries, gin clear waters and vibrant colours of trout. It is wonderful how the sport with the fly rod can suddenly transform weekend flyfishermen into obsessed, solitude seekers getaway troutbums.

Most of my pictures contain wild locations in Romania, Slovenia, Austria and not only. Every time I'm out on the water I shoot as much as I can and try to capture the perfect shot as moments occur in nature.


Fly-casting plays a very important part in fly-fishing. For some it might be just a mechanical process. For me, fly-casting is an art form, the art of casting the fly line in order to present the fly in a perfect manner, with precision and grace.

Fly-fishing is different from all other styles of fishing. Fly-casting is the answer why and it is maybe the most challenging aspect of it.

I put a tremendeous amount of time and practice in my casting and sometimes I feel that I barely started. This is a process we can start learning and one that we might never completely understand.

To quote a great fly-casting instructor: "Fly-casting is a school for life that we will never graduate.", Christopher Rownes,