Friday, December 26, 2014

Morgan 6'9" 'light' 3wt.

The third Tom Morgan project is finished. The 6'9" "light" 3wt. is one incredibly smooth and ultralight fiberglass rod. This is probably the perfect small water dry fly rod. Appointed with a rare Struble piece of a reel seat, the famous D27 with diagonal knurling and stabilized amboyna wood spacer in dark nickel. The Struble agate stripping guide is wrapped in dark red silk along with the small, low profile snake guides. Ultrafine cigar cork grip with narrowed top to winding check for a smooth transition into the blank. I put a lot of time into finishing these rods to "perfection" so I hope this rod will provide a friend with many enjoyable moments on those alpine creeks. Thank you for looking!



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kabuto white special

Here is a Kabuto 764-3 white that was requested by a gentlemen to be built in the memory of his lost daughter. 

Wrapped in YLI lilac silk. The striking dark hardware and the purple-white agate are a beautiful combination. The reel seat is my minimalist downlocking design in a beautiful dark nickel plating complemented by the blued nickel winding check. 

The wood insert is purpleheart wood wich is another one that I haven't used before and complements those pinkish purple wraps nicely.

A striking color scheme that I've never done before and this Kabuto could make a great fiberglass rod for a flyfishergirl or woman.

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Swift Epic 480 Mocha

A heirloom quality Epic mocha fiberglass rod appointed with contrasting dark wraps, stabilized mortised redwood burl wood insert and fine black anodized uplocking hardware. The bright chrome guides and nickel silver amber agate give a little more life to the overall dark tones and I think it's just perfect. This rod's going all the way down to Aussie. Thanks for looking!