Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tom Morgan 7' 3wt.

Well, this has been a highly anticipated project. One that I wanted to do for a long time. Ever since I heard some rumours that Tom Morgan will be releasing his new fiberglass rod blanks to custom builders. The rumours were true. I decided to contact Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. To my surprise, Tom quickly replied to my email and shortly, I was deeply honored to hear that he wanted me to become one of his representative rodbuilders of his amazingly stunning fiberglass blanks. One year after that and I had my first four blanks in, complete with TMR rod tubes and bags.

I wanted this first Tom Morgan build to be extra special. A couple months of planning and building other rods in the mean time. I finally had the right components for it and could start. This first Tom Morgan fiberglass project had to be built in the old Winston Stalker/Morgan style. But I think it looks close to a genuine Tom Morgan rod despite the black lettering. These Winston/Morgan style builds are painstakingly done in multiple epoxy layers with a lot of attention to details. Just what I tried to achieve ever since I started. And I'm very happy with the results these days. To stay close to the "original rod" ideea, I looked for a burgundy or darker red silk thread. I also decided to go with dark hardware. The bright nickel ferrule check that these blanks come with, had to be blued of course. It was a good time for me to start blueing nickel silver parts. A thing I wanted to try for some time but I always found "easier" ways not to. Glad I did, and the result was stunning. When I received the winding check for this rod the darkening on it was not satisfactory so I cleaned and re-blued it. I think both the nickel silver ferrule check and the winding check are a perfect match to my Lemke downslide hardware wich has an electroplated dark gun blue finish.

This rod is a timeless, modern classic. The aesthetics of this beauty have an understated elegance. It's a rod that will never go out of style. This is heirloom quality to be passed to your children or dear friends. I'll happily fish a Tom Morgan rod today or when I'll be seventy (hopefully). It has wonderful progressive feel that no other rod has. It is gracefully harmonious.
I hope to be able to build more of these beauties in the future. Feel free to inquire but please have patience. Just like Tom Morgan, the fly rod guru said, you'll soon forget the long wait it took to get it when you'll have it in your hands.

This 7' 3wt. here sells at $895 plus shipping. SOLD!

Thank you for looking at my work and your interest!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Tom Morgan project

Have just started the first Tom Morgan project. This 7' 3wt. blank is perfection. Smooth and lively progressive action blank. I shaped a slightly longer, slimmer cigar handle and I think it's just perfect. Looking forward to finish this amazing rod. A couple more Steffens (4/5 and 5/6) are in progress as well. Stay tuned for more and thanks for looking!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kabuto brown presentation build

Well ever since I started building rods on these amazing modern fiberglass blanks, I was fascinated by the variety of colors and the many possibilities of combining silk threads, wood inserts, components etc.

It will be very hard for me to build a more striking yet understated Kabuto brown build than this awesome 6'6' 2wt. beauty here. I went pretty much "bananas" by using nickel silver accents on this custom painted, slightly darker honey brown blank and white ink inscribing, which would be a first on a Kabuto brown blank, and something it crossed my mind very late in the building process. The cork mortised sliding band reel seat is elegant, and also a first on one of my glass builds. So far I love it and you'll see more builds in this style soon. 

And with the new addition to my rod work, the handcrafted, custom painted leather rod tube, truly sets this Kabuto apart from all the others I personally have done so far. This litlle glass rod has a very "bamboo-like" feel, snappy action with a very fine tip to protect the finest tippets and will make a perfect small stream rod.

I hope it will make its owner very happy. Thanks everyone for looking at my work!