Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two Dan Craft builds

Click on the small pictures below to see them larger in larger sizes:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Steffen Bros.8'0" 3/4wt.

Here is another sweet Steffen Brothers fiberglass rod in 3/4 wt. and eight feet in lenght. This rod's got the magic and some surprising power too. It casts a three weight dt line or a four weight wf line and presents a fly with great accuracy and finesse only glass is known for, with a relaxed casting rhythm or a more energic one when in need to deliver more line speed and distance. I simply love to fish these rods. When I pick mine and roll cast a line with a fly to a rising trout I remember why fly fishing is more fun with glass.
I am currently taking more rod orders and can deliver rods in two and up to four months, depending on wich blank is desirable. For Steffen orders, usually the blank making process takes 2-3 months.
The rod showcased below features a slender Garrison style grip, my exclusive Lemke downsliding ring reel seat in radiused end design (nickle silver and walnut wood spacer here), rusty red silk wraps beautifully finished, ultra light wire snake guides and a classy Mildrum stripping guide (classic grade build). Hand signed as usual. This is another example of my classic built rods and one of true heirloom quality. I will be posting another one in a few weeks for sale. This rod I'm showing was sold at 515$. Thanks for looking and your interest!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Five Rivers 10'2" 3wt.

Finished up this beautiful rod for the european style nymphing on one the very few remaining Five Rivers blanks in my stock. The rod has a smooth fast action with great reserve down the butt section for fighting large fish. The tip is soft enough and sensitive for smaller fish too. This is a custom design blank I have worked on for years to get it right. Dan Craft at Five Rivers Rod Blanks in Oregon had it made for me and many prototypes were sent before chosing the right one. Competitors will find it extremely versatile as it can cast long leaders for french nymphing, throw a TT wf4 line in the whole length due to the extra power or can present a dry fly with a dt3 line with great precision just by loading up the tip section. Taper is extra fast, ultra light weight aproximately 2.5oz (aprox.70gr.) Haven't weighted this one in particular but this is from the previous builds on this blank. I'm offering it for sale at 375$ plus 35$ shipping. Please contact me if interested. Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sage TXL 7'10" 3wt.

Just finished this gorgeous Sage TXL for a client. Neat and classy fitted. Note the beautiful gold silk wraps and the exotic looking Lemke reel seat that perfectly complements the TXL blank. This is a very small diameter uplocking nickel silver plated aluminum reel seat that is lighter than the Struble on the factory Sage rod. I can easily call this rod a classic since Sage continues to discontinue some of their best trout rod designs made. I haven't seen the TXL-F yet but I fish this "old" TXL in 00 wt. for wild brownies and it can fire cast dries on target like no other. Sold at 495$. Thanks for checking it out!