Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kabuto white

Showing off the latest fiberglass rod build on a blank supplied by a client from Mr. Kabuto's september batch.

I must say that these Kabuto fiberglass rods are something very special. I was most impressed by the feel of this 7'6" 4wt. white beauty. A great quality blank made in Japan. The smooth progressive medium action with soft tip and strong butt section translates into a fine casting and fishing tool. This thing's got finesse and power. I am stoked! 
The rod was fitted with the best quality components as always. The customer gave me full freedom on selecting the components. I selected a lime green silk thread, wich I think it offers a light contrast but also retain subtleness.
The low profile ultra light snake guides and tip top provide smooth line flow and maintain quickness of the rod tip.

Mr. Tom Morgan's guide sizing philosophy surely is something to be applied on these smaller sized trout rods. The rod casts extremely smooth and the line slides smoother.
The reel seat used is one of my exclusive designs made by Joel Lemke. The fine downsliding radiused hardware with straight line knurling and an olive-green myrtle wood insert perfectly complement the lime green wraps. I wanted to keep the wrapping scheme simple and close to the original Kabuto rod build.
The handle is a comfortable almost full wells/Fenwick style grip hand turned in the shop. Five star quality on the cork and the very best available.

The Lemke blued winding check fits tight to the blank and provide smooth transition to the thread wrap and minimalistic look.
My four layer epoxy finishing work provides durability in time and a slim esthetic look.
The gorgeus dark nickel agate guide blends beautifully with the titanium carbide snake guides, wood insert and wraps. This is my presentation grade build.

Finished rod's total price as pictured (with tube and cloth) came out to 560$. Worldwide shipping is aproximately 40$ depending on the country. Thanks for looking and your interest in my work!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sage TXL-F

Here is a beautiful Sage TXL-F in 7'10" 3wt. To make it cristal clear. I wish I would build me a rod like this!

A customer gave me the opportunity to build a custom rod on this new blank from Sage. Perfectly appointed with a dark nickel silver Struble reel seat and walnut wood insert, titanium carbide low profile snake guides and stripping guide. 

The new rusty brown color of the new TXL-F series is simply gorgeous. The rod is wrapped in bronze silk and the signature wraps in metallic bronze perfectly complement the blank, reel seat and hardware. 
I find it to have more crispness than the old TXL, wich I still preffer for small stream fishing, my favorite small stream stick ever since it came out. 

This rod became available since it's owner doesn't get to fish it much. The rod is like new, cast once. Price is $595 shipped. Email me if interested and thanks for looking!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall trout

With the first yellow leaves, fall will take over the summer shortly. It is the time for the solitude seekers. Solitude without loneliness brings peace in the soul of the fisherman.

The trouts dressed in spawning colors now travel upstream for their annual ritual. It's great to just observe them in the low and clear water.

The heaviest drought in the last fifty years has seriously affected the transylvanian creeks. The water level is critical.

Still, the belowed trout gently sips the tiny mayflies and midges. A slight drop in the temperatures is favorable for the small insects to hatch. These gentle sips in the surface are the signs of a first fall hatch. Everything moves in slow motion. It's almost like time stands still. The colors are so intense. A small fly presented with a slow, deliberate motion is challenging. The trout can spook easily. With controlled casting movements, the fisherman places its tiny dry fly in the low and slow moving water hoping that one will rise again. After a few seconds, the trout slowly takes the perfectly presented Adams in size #18 at the end of a 7x tippet. The fisherman strikes lightly. The delicate #0 weight fly rod bends and a colorful wild brown trout delights both the fisherman and the camera. After a few photographs, the beautiful colored fish is slowly released back into the creek, where it belongs.

Fall is quiet and breathtaking.

The fall fishing memories will take the solitude seeker through the long winter. Good fishing!