Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sage and Winston blank arrival!

Sage blanks, Winston and Landmark tubes came in today. TXL's, TCR's, Z-Axis and Winston BIIX. Some of them are custom rod orders and some of them will be available for sale as finished rods.
Currently in stock and ready to build:
Winston BIIX 908-4 (custom order)
Sage TXL 3710-3 (two, both for sale)
Sage Z-Axis 586-4 (custom order)
Sage Z-Axis 490-4 (two in stock, one is custom order, one is for sale)
Sage TCR 490-4 (one of the last remaining famous ultrafast series from Sage, not yet for sale, might be)
Sage TCR 696-4 (for sale)

Email if interested in a custom build.