Thursday, June 17, 2021

Hanak Superb 10' #3

Another Hanak Superb XP (extra power), this time in a more popular size. 

One of the best euro-nymphing rods in the game, this thing excels with ultralight feel, tip sensitivity and fish fighting power. I have to start weighting these rods are they are light for their size!

My absolute favorites are the new 093, 190, 196 and 299. Any of them could be my go-to's for technical water and they complement the Sage ultralights very well with longer lengths and more power. They are medium-fast to fast action rods with soft tips and reserve power without being stiff especially the 0, 1 and 2wt.

They are quite fun to cast, easy loading in close but the extra oomph will come into play you need to reach out further.

For the technical fisherman stalking trout in gin clear, fast flowing mountain streams or grayling on skinny tippets on either dries or small nymphs, these are the ultimate rods for finesse presentations and control over tricky currents.

Feel free to drop a message should you want one. Thanks for looking!