Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First bamboo rod...

Well folks, building my first split cane bamboo rod even on an imported blank was quite a challenge...The delicate silk wraps and the use of varnish for finishing this sweet Cattanach med-fast modern taper bamboo rod has definitely opened up new horizons for me in the beautiful art of building flyrods.After receiving these beautiful Agate and snake guides there was no other option of silk thread selection but the orange Pearsall Gossamer silk.The best cork available was used for the grip and a lot of work for making the most comfortable grip to fit the owner's hands.The beautiful Bellinger seat is to me indispensible in fitting a bamboo fly rod...Casting a bamboo rod was different than what I was usually accustomed to (that is offcourse graphite rods) and gotta say "the feel of cane" rods is amazing..The delicacy of the presentation is absolutely like "painting the fly on the water"...definitely makes me want one for myself.

Allthough this delicate 7'6" 3 weight modern Cattanach taper seemed too soft for long distance casting it actually proved that it can handle my 3wt Rio Grand for casts up to 70'..tightloops!!