Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas present..the ultralight dry fly rod..

Blank: Five Rivers Signature III 8022
Guides: PacBay Light Wire Snakes
Reel Seat: Struble D2 Polished Aluminium/Teak wood
Thread: Gudebrod Nylon/Garnet
Handle:Select grade cork/Cigar
No Winding Check/ Classic Thread over cork
Weight: 51 gr.(1.8oz.)!!
Merry Christmas to you all!!
Aliniere la stânga

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The extra fast nymphing stick..

Blank: FiveRivers FT1003-4/2 tip sections
-1 custom tip section(10'6"#3, extra fast action)
-1 original tip section (10'0"#4/5, fast action)/not yet built
Guides: Fugi Alconite Stripper with PacBay Hard Chrome light wire snake guides
Reel seat: Struble U20 Uplocking Nickel Silver/ California Buckeye Burl wood insert
Wraps: Olive Silk Thread
Handle: Custom turned Extra Select Cork/Western-Cigar shape
Winding Check: Struble Nickel Silver

Friday, November 27, 2009

On a clear day...

This day..hard to describe in words..
This was one of those days that an avid dry fly fisherman waits maybe a whole season to come..
As a passionate flyfisherman and photographer, this day was one of the hardest..hard to decide between my camera or my fly rod..
Well I did them both and can't say that I've caught the biggest autumn grayling of my life, but my 2wt. fly rod didn't really cared that the fish were small..
It was one of those days when you enjoy every very bit of it, every drop of it..and fishing with a good buddy and an old friend , with perfect lighting conditions and fish feeding frenzy just before the long winter, you just can't ask for anything better.
It's rarely that I get the inspiration to take the right pictures but today was it.
Every picture taken seems just great when graylings are sipping the water surface for midges or small caddis flies in the slow cristal clear water run..they rise so gracefully and slowly, pick it up from the water surface and dive back in with the fly in their mouth as gracefully as they came up for it...
I can only hope for another clear day of sunshine with graylings and delicate casts before the winter is here...
Until the next encounter with the river I wish you all some good, good....rises..