Thursday, July 28, 2016

Swift Epic 580

A fresh new Epic build. The 580 in the new four piece configuration is another winner from Swift.

Designed to be a workhorse, this rod was fitted in my classic grade with a more modern look. A standard ceramic stripping guide and regular hard chrome snake guides. The slate grey wraps perfectly complement the dyed grey buckeye burl insert and Rec NS hardware set. This is a rare piece of wood I happened to come across and an insanely beautiful one. It was turned in shop and no varnish this time but oil finished for a satin look and the wood was stabilized for durability. I like the looks of it very much. The handle is the best quality cork like always, and a modified wells-snub nose shape that is very comfortable.

Folks have asked how the new four piece Epic rods cast. I did some lawn casting on grass before it headed out and I can tell you...this rod is truly up to the hype. What a great caster. Very smooth, crisp, easy loading and delivers a ton of line speed but with the smooth delivery of glass.

I'm looking forward to build more of these beauties in the near future. Thanks for looking!


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Another Sage ESN.

Here is a Sage ESN 2100-4 build in a classic grade. Fitted with a classic black anodised Lemke small diameter reel seat with local walnut wood, slim snub-nose flor grade cork handle with a tiny elegant nickel silver winding check on top, dark green silk wraps and dark red signature wraps. Simple and understated, this is just a beautiful rod. 

The finish work is what sets my builds apart and this rod is finished with my utmost attention to detail, like always.

This blank model has just been discountinued by Sage (along with the One and Circa) so right now it is available at a lesser price. I love the 2100-4 because it's so light yet powerful ten foot rod that can also cast well with the proper line. Such a fun rod. Thanks for looking everyone!