Saturday, March 5, 2016

A river report from Dan

Spring season starts early on the Provo River in Utah. Dan was kind to send me some impressions fishing his Orvis rod in the first day of the season.

"Hi George,

This is the Provo River, which I fish most often in the spring when the olive baetis hatch is heavy and the trout are hungry and not cautious. It's a tail water and levels are lowest in winter and spring. In summer this stretch would not be wade able. Today, with temps near 19 C, the snow is melting fast and there were many anglers out. My favorite stretch was occupied so I had to fish in less desirable water. Since it was bright and sunny, this hatch seemed poor. I had 4 Browns rise to my dry but I missed them all (still rusty). The Orvis felt great. I sure enjoy a slow to moderate taper rod. Looks great with the CFO reel. Would look better with a trout. Cheers, Dan."