Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Tom Morgan Favorite

Here's the thing. I built a few Winston rods in the past and I always was a big fan of their classic rods like the older IM6 series from the Tom Morgan era and the latter WT and LT's. 

This classy, timeless TMF rod needs no more introduction and I am utmostly proud of the outcome on this rod after 20+ years of rod building. 

This rod stands out from the crowd with understated, elegant appointments and amazingly smooth performance. A rod that was once great rod will always be great. For the truly passionate trout angler nothing will replace the TMR from Winston!

The Tom Morgan legacy continued. Thanks for looking! #perfectionflyrod

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Sage SPL

I had another one of these beautiful ultralight SPL blanks on hand, NOS gems found in a fly shop in Norway. The SPL's won "Best of show" in 1997 and are highly regarded as the best dry fly rods ever made with they silky smooth medium action with strong butt sections and are very sought after.

This second build was appointed similar to the original SP style (1993) with a polished Struble U20 (first SP's had Struble U17's and green wood insert) and a gorgeous greenish vera insert that beautifully complements the turquoise-blue blank. Silver trim wraps on this one are dead gorgeous. Exquisite aluminum custom tube. This might just be the epitome of my custom Sage builds.

Should you need a custom Sage rod made from contemporary blanks, send me an email to talk about it. Thanks for looking!