Friday, July 31, 2020

Troutbum series

Here is a first build of a custom rod series called the "Troutbum". Available in 8'#3, 8'6" #3/4 and 8'6" #5 and these are more affordable, mid-priced rods with great performance. Full flexing feeling rods without being slow. I would say a pure medium. Small diameter blanks but relatively powerful with stable tips if casted right. I'm loving these skinny, translucent brown blanks with good feel and classic medium action. Not too slow, not too fast. Contact me to get yours scheduled.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Epic 476 Salsa

A special Epic 476 Salsa appointed in bronze hardware and red-orange wraps. Bronze anodized signature reel seat with a gorgeous amboyna wood piece. This rod is screaming hot!

Livingston glass

The Livingston "Western glass" is a unique fiberglass rod design, slower due to the nature of glass in this length, but in the hands of a good caster this rod will shine. The blank was rolled by Mike McFarland for Livingston Rod Company in Montana.

Simple fittings, clear and black accents all the way, all cork mortised reel seat with blued double sliding rings from an old Sage SPL rod and finished butt cork cap with a strip of black leather. 
One-of-a-kind! Thanks for looking!