Friday, December 15, 2017

Morgan 8'#3

Finally finished another Tom Morgan fiberglass rod after a very long wait. I think this is from the second run of blanks Tom made, in more brownish color that red.

The new owners of TMR found Tom's "secret stash" of blanks somewhere and they were kind enough to send a couple of 803 blanks my way. Hopes are high that the new coated burgundy blanks will arrive in the upcoming year.

This is an understated, timeless style build I did for a very patient, fine gentleman in Italy. Looks like glass fans are all over the world these days.

Rod features my exclusive design Lemke reel seat with a dark burled walnut insert that has been finished in epoxy by hand (yeah, it's tough as nails), has a gorgeous lustrous finish to it and ensures a more secure fit of the reel foot as well.

A beautiful dark nickel Arguello agate guide and light wire Snake Brand guides wrapped in YLI chestnut silk are complemented by the Goldenwitch blued winding check.

Turned a slim snub-nose (mini full wells, modified) grip and I think it feels awesome in the hand. Hope you enjoy the pictures of this beautiful, "one-of-its kind", Tom Morgan rod. Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Swift Epic 376

A first Mocha 376 I built for a cool guy in Germany with whom I fished last summer. I will probably get to cast this rod in the upcoming season. Until then not much feedback on how it casts, but feels super nice. Kept the fitting of this blank really simple as usual. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sage LL. A timeless classic.

This is a very special rod built on the original Sage LL 389-2 graphite II blank, designed by Don Green in 1985, the founder of Sage

I have had this blank in stock for some time and intented to build it for myself. But since I am a big fan of the newer Mod, I have decided to offer it to a friend that originally ordered a Tom Morgan fiberglass in 8' 3wt. wich took too long to build. The TMR fiberglass blanks are luckily becoming available again and I can't wait to build a couple of 803's this winter.

Long story short, this rare beauty here was appointed accordingly. Deep red silk wraps and gorgeous Struble "flamed" agate. I like Struble stripping guides because they have strong nickel silver frames and this one was perfect. The Bellinger downsliding nickel silver with varnished maple wood beautifully compliments the rusty red colored blank and has a matching Goldenwitch winding check.  The snub nose grip was not my first choice on this blank but I did it. Strap-and-ring hook keeper is  very classy but a though one to finish.

This rod is a piece of flyfishing history and someone will be extremely proud to have it. I hope he will enjoy every inch of it and will be passed on to future generations. Thanks for looking.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fishing season 2017

This year has been a great season here in Transylvania, discovered and explored many new places, caught lots of nice fish on light gear. To showcase many of the fishing trips I did with friends and foreign fishermen I uploaded a few short films on youtube. Feel free to check them out and enjoy! #flyfishtransylvania

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

James Green glass

This is a first project on one of James Green's glass blanks. This is his medium-slow "Heritage trout" series built on request for a friend in France who provided the blank. Philippe wanted a slow action rod appointed more or less in Mario Wojnicki's style. This 8' 2wt. is probably the slowest taper I've seen or built. There's a nice smooth feel to the rod but one would have to be a good caster to fish this one. Roll casts really nice and can throw some nice arrow loops pretty well with some casting work. 

The rod is appointed with a tiny Mildrum stripping guide, smallest snake guides wrapped in chestnut silk and Struble imbuya wood insert with two nickel silver sliding rings I had from my old Sage SPL I just rebuilt. Also a small fighting but with the butt plate from the SPL.

This rod is pretty unique and for a collector guy is really neat to have or someone that just wants the lightest weight glass available from an american manufacturer. Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Swift Epic 888

Everyone knows I'm a light tackle trout guy. Building this "monster" Epic glass rod was quite an experience. I am most happy of this 888 in salsa and how it came out. It was a custom order but I pretty much had the freedom I wanted to make it happen. I love building new blanks and it's always something special about new builds and some "freedom of expression" is always great.

The rod features oversized Struble agate stripping guides and heavy duty chrome snake guides.  First agate stripping guide is braced for extra strength. Transparent silk wraps tipped cinnamon. A strikingly beautiful heavy duty Lemke reel seat with highly figured burl wood and matching winding check. 

This beauty will bend on dorado in Argentina pretty soon and is also saltwater "approved". I am stoked to see some fish caught on it! Thanks for looking!