Monday, March 22, 2021

Troutbum series

Here's another one of my custom, semiparabolic fly rod series. 

This classic fly rod has the action of days forgotten, that is nearly impossible to find in the contemporary graphite fly rods. Most rods on the market these days have a progressive, tip or mid-tip flex action.

A semiparabolic rod behaves like a progressive medium action rod when casted lightly, then when adding a bit more power the butt section comes into play. 

Basically the rod's easy to load in full every time and does the job nicely with a deliberate casting stroke. I would compare this design to the older Sage Circa series wich I really liked.

The feeling in casting when accessing the lower end of the rod is sweet, great when striking fish or when drying up a fly with little line out past the rod tip.

Classic style build all the way with my usual appointments.

Here are a few pics of this special build. Thanks for looking!