Monday, April 13, 2020

The Super Epic 476

This is one of the best four weights I have come across among the many fly rods I have built, cast and fished. For those who like to generate line speed combined with tip sensitivity and smooth casting should give this super 4wt. a try. I am sure there are many other great designs in glass I have yet to build.

Now this build is special all the way. Slight Mario Wojnicky style lower end with a touch of leather over the cork butt end instead of metal, is really neat. Something I've never done before. The Kabuto brown style wraps look great on the honey amber blank. Original Snake Brand snake guides and a classy Struble agate stripping guide. The gorgeous Oregon maple mortised wood insert finished in glass like epoxy and another set of Fine Tackle hardware I had from Christian, that I coated for a shiny finish. It's all about the small details in the finest handcrafted fly rods.

To top the above mentioned, the painstakingly crafted leather case by a transylvanian leather craftswoman with the Epic logo makes this rod one-of-its-kind. 

Stay safe everyone and hope we get out fishing soon!