Thursday, October 29, 2020

Fisher Phenolic Glass

J.K.Fisher Phenolic Brown Glass in 7'#5, serial number #2057 X. 

This is a NOS blank pointed out by my friend Jay Lee and I'm glad he did as these are some of the most amazing glass blanks ever created for trout fishing. 

True 5wt. progressive action and smooth as silk. As this is more of a bigger dry fly, smaller stream type of rod, I found that a Rio Creek 4wt. works wonders on it. I'm amazed of what kind of casts I can make with this faster action glass rod and that particular line. Goes to show that exceptional fly rod designs from almost fifty years ago work perfectly with most modern fly line designs.

Classic english "twist" snake guides and Mildrum ME stripping guide wrapped in rusty red nylon and white silk signature trim wraps just like on the old Winston Stalkers. Custom machined NS winding and ferrule check for looks and strength. Reel seat hardware kindly made by Nico at Yamame Fly Rods. The six inch snub-nose half wells grip is perfect in my hand and for this shorter blank.

This is a long awaited personal build. The magic Winston feel this rod has cannot be reproduced IMO. This is a piece of fly fishing history. 

Very stoked to finally have finished this rod and already fished it a couple of times. 

I have couple more of these vintage beauties for 2021, another NOS Fisher 7'6" 5wt. and a Winston 8' 4/5wt.. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Troutbum no.2

Troutbum no.2 8'6" #3/4 finished. Medium flexing, very slim diameter blanks but powerful, almost parabolic action, intermediate modulus graphite. Presentation grade finish. Classic appointments like a gorgeous Bellinger DLSB black anodized reel seat with a stunning varnished black ash burl insert. Matching winding check and high quality select flor grade western handle. Cinnamon main silk wraps with Dave Lewis sunburn signature wraps. Classic chrome english "twist" snake guides are low profile and the toughest snakes ever made. Mildrum type stripping guide, reduced in size for low profiling. A classy fly rod and one-of-its-kind. A great "bang for the buck" custom rod series, these rods bend smoothly for close in, medium casts when trout fishing, retaining power for longer casts, mending etc. Blanks readily available. Other models, 8' #3 and 8'6" #5. Thanks for looking.