Friday, December 15, 2017

Morgan 8'#3

Finally finished another Tom Morgan fiberglass rod after a very long wait. I think this is from the second run of blanks Tom made, in more brownish color that red.

The new owners of TMR found Tom's "secret stash" of blanks somewhere and they were kind enough to send a couple of 803 blanks my way. Hopes are high that the new coated burgundy blanks will arrive in the upcoming year.

This is an understated, timeless style build I did for a very patient, fine gentleman in Italy. Looks like glass fans are all over the world these days.

Rod features my exclusive design Lemke reel seat with a dark burled walnut insert that has been finished in epoxy by hand (yeah, it's tough as nails), has a gorgeous lustrous finish to it and ensures a more secure fit of the reel foot as well.

A beautiful dark nickel Arguello agate guide and light wire Snake Brand guides wrapped in YLI chestnut silk are complemented by the Goldenwitch blued winding check.

Turned a slim snub-nose (mini full wells, modified) grip and I think it feels awesome in the hand. Hope you enjoy the pictures of this beautiful, "one-of-its kind", Tom Morgan rod. Thanks for looking!