Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steffen 8'0" #3/4

Just finished this beautiful Steffen rod. With this rod I am out of Steffen blanks for at least one month or until Mark would be able to make more. This would probably be the most expensive glass rod I've built so far (on one of the most representative blanks available) and the highest built grade I offer (vintage grade). The lime green silk wraps are something new to be seen in my rod builds and it's something I wanted to try for a long time. With the double black tippings on the guide wraps and the signature wraps on the inscription I think you'll agree this rod is indeed beautiful. I felt inspired to use an agate stripping guide that I got from Mike McCoy himself from the last batch he made before he sold them to Struble Company. I met Mike and Susan three years ago in Munich at a flyfishing show when we exchanged some of my european style nymphs with his excellent guides. I think his agate guide perfectly complements the nickel silver dowsliding reel seat with the striking Koa wood insert made by Joel Lemke. Light wire top guide and snakes used to keep the tip recovery rate as fast as possible.
The rod comes with an elegant Landmark aluminum rod tube in silver satin finish (to match everything else on the rod) and a light grey hand sewn rod cloth by my personal taylor who is seventy. I value his work more and more with every rod cloth he makes for me. The rod tube has my logo sticker on it, specified rod lenght, weight, number of pieces and serial number. I am working on some new lighter colored stickers for the near future.This rod has sold.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steffen 8034

Here is a Steffen 8034 all wrapped and ready to epoxy. Stay posted for the finished rod.