Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Winston LT

I finished this sweet Winston LT for a friend in Germany who sent me a blank to be built. Appointed in dark nickel accents, a fine cigar handle with screw uplock Bellinger reel seat and imbuya wood insert. Original dark plated Snake Brand guides with matching agate. Beautiful handcrafted leather case in my heirloom grade finish. A special rod for a special guy. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Another MOD

These Sage Mods have been popular ever since they were released. The 390 it's one sweet nine foot rod that you can fish for trout and it has a special flex and feel. As with most rods, some will like it some won't. Most people I know that fish dries and nymphs like the Mod, especially in the lower line weights. The rod tracks very well and has enough power to speed up the line when the wind picks up and casts nice controlled loops, yet enough flex to drop a dry delicately to picky trout and protect thin tippet when you hook into that fatty. It really shines at medium distance and with long leaders. The 290 will have more bend in the butt section and feels a bit like the discontinued Circa and a tad sweeter at short distances. I tend to like it more with this full flex profile.

Here's how this one stands out. Very simple, understated build with clear wraps and classy zebra wood and bright nickel accents. Thanks for looking!