Monday, October 31, 2022

Swift Epic 370

A special Epic 370 build. Understated, minimalist beauty. Natural cork, clear wraps, nickel silver and bronze accents. One-of-its-kind. #perfectionflyrod

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Another Sage Trout LL

Here's another Sage Trout LL, this time in the legendary 8'9" #3. 

If you were expecting this to be something like the old models, well it is not. The medium-fast, progressive action is still there. The new, very dense carbon material (Konnetic HD) recovers faster than anything out there without being too stiff and stops dead, with no secondary vibrations. This is a very high performance dry fly rod. 

I was an avid advocate of the classic Sage (Legacy) series of the past like the SPL, TXL, SLT, TXL-F and ZXL's and still love those fine rods. But if one's in the market for a very capable light line trout rod for demanding conditions, this is it. This longer three weight would do just fine on larger water when fish will feed on micro bugs or spent spinners. 

This brown beauty has the cleanest finish, all the classic Sage style appointments, an elegant Struble NS agate stripping guide, diagonal knurled NS winding check and a minimalist, handmade stainless steel wire hook keeper. 

A perfect marriage of timeless style with modern performance. Thanks for looking.