Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lake in the clouds II

Recently, I have done a little more exploring in the romanian trout wilderness. I decided to do more research on the carpathian alpine lakes area. These amazing mountains were also surnamed the "Transylvanian Alps" because of their very steep slopes, high peaks and post glacial landscapes. This flyfishing expedition is dedicated to the greatest man that lived around here, who dedicated his life to trout fisheries conservation, to clean, beautiful healthy nature. Paul Decei (1926-2003) was an avid fisherman, hunter, photographer and nonetheless, a fishing writer. Back then in his era, you could find a lot of information about where to fish for trout in Romania. I was a rookie back then in his last years. Today, many of those waters he mentioned in his books were distroyed by micropowerplants, logging or bad management. His immense contribution to the romanian trout fisheries, in my humble opinnion could not ever be quantified or matched by anyone else. There's is nothing else for us to do now but to continue his legacy and protect the clean waters we all love to fish. Three days camping and fishing up here surrounded by the magical mountain sceneries is simply breathtaking and the best feeling you can have. Despite the seven hours hike and the heavy backpack, this was THE summer trip. All fish were safely released back into the breathtaking emerald green lake. Hope these pictures will inspire others to fish responsively, conserve and protect our great outdoors.