Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sage Mod

Finished another of the very popular Sage Mod series. Kept it light and simple. It's not that fish care about what rod you are using, but this rod with its striking appereance and fishability will turn some heads on the trout stream. HA!

Basically if one wants to fish both light nymphs rigs or euro-nymphing and dry flies this is the perfect 9' 3wt. rod to do it. It has the power to cut into some wind yet be delicate enough to protect 7x tippet with smallest dries on longest leaders. I fished all season last season on small-medium water and some bigger tailwater with flies up to size #24. I used it for euro-nymphing in smaller water,  standard to large dries in broken fast running freestones and small cdc flies in tailwaters.

Of course it would be best for more open water but the fact that it can be loaded in close (if one needs a longer rod on smaller water) is great. There are not many 9' rods these days that have an ultralight feel and can fish in close well.

And because the rod is very line picky, I found very few lines that this rod likes. I would mention Orvis Clearwater wf3, TT Plus wf3 and SA GPX wf3 (3 1/2wt. lines). I haven't found the Rio Gold to be best on this rod because of the longer head. Basically any shorter head wf line will do the job best with this rod.

Thanks for looking!