Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sage Mod

Possibly the last Mod build, this is probably the most special one. Fitted Winston IM6 style with a gorgeous zebra wood insert over Bellinger hardware, classic "vintage" chrome stripping guide, minimalist NS winding check, handmade hook keeper. Sage signature wraps and clear silk main wraps was pretty much the way to go on these sweet lime green blanks. Special build all around. Looking forward to the new Trout LL series in the upcoming fall-winter. Stay close and thanks for looking!

And the rod saw some action right before it has found a new home! 

I was surprised this season to see how well the Rio Creek wf3 line worked on this rod. Despite the short head wich is great for easy loading, casting tight loops all day at short-medium distances, it can shoot long distance just fine when needed. Just add a long leader and you're fine.

Many have had a problem finding the right line over the years on this rod. Well, problem solved!