Monday, April 18, 2011

Czeck Nymph stick for "flyfishing"?

A very long debate for the well known issue, the "czeck nymphing" style, allthough not considered flyfishing by many, inclusing myself, continues to catch both fisherman and fish..customers ask me to build these long-light rods for the allready mentioned style of fishing with heavy nymphs, as they offer great control and contact with the flies when fishing those fast flowing rivers..
Here is another very light 10'4" 3pcs. 3wt. (this is a custom blank, also a 2wt. available) rod build for a "nympho" fisherman..some very light components, sweet handle with subtle accents and thread color for a nice contrast with the blank..on this build, I used a classic metal stripping guide that looks pretty cool and is very functionable without the high price tag..enjoy the pics and thank you for your comments!

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