Sunday, April 3, 2011

9'6" 4 weight..

Here is a very very special build for a special folk that wants his first fly rod to be one that's very unique both in appearance and performance..right from the start, he will learn flyfishing on a fine tool, a one of a kind, that he is going to use for years to come...wish I had a rod like this one when I started..enjoy the pics and thanks for your comments!

Blank: Five Rivers Signature V (beautiful gloss gray color)
Action/Taper: Moderate fast/Progressive
Guides: Light wire snakes
Reel seat: U20 Struble Nickle Silver/custom stabilized exotic wood insert (not available at Struble)
Wraps: Gossamer silk
Handle: Custom high grade cork grip with burnt cork trim accents
and rubberized ends
Rod price: 450$ (custom extra tip for this one)

Thankx for looking!


skyfireblaze said...

Spectacular rod, George. I'm sure it will be enjoyed very much. I've missed seeing your excellent workmanship and style. Your rod building really is an inspiration.

George said...

Thanks for your kind words!
I haven't posted in a while but stay posted for more rods to come..thanks for stopping by.