Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trouts don't live in ugly places..flyfishing extreme (part 1)

Well, ever since I created this blog, I wanted to do show people Romania's beautiful rivers and landscapes (and that includes romanians too, that don't really know or care about how they should take care of their environment, protect the trout and practice catch and release, with some exceptions), so here is something truly unique...

This could probably be a dream come true for the hardcore fly fisherman looking for some truly unique experiences..I look forward to find out this river's secrets and share it with others, fishing friends or entuziasts if there are any..and I'm sure there are some..
Can't quite find the words to say how amazing this place really is...I wish this could be my "office" every day of the season...

This river valley is so damn beautiful and steep, fishing those holes for some big ones can be dangerous...but that makes it more unique and I now realize that it's not fish I'm after...

I'll tell you, those fish are not easy to catch, they might be the most spookiest trouts I've seen so far..I'll let you judge if they are the most beautiful or not..

It might sound crazy fishin' up there with regular boots..Korkers Bite shoes or something similar with me and definitely some climbing rope would be more appropiate:)..This is untouched water and if the river will stay low and the bears won't eat me on my second trip lol:) hopefully it will be even better..

This time I managed to scratch a rod and a new pair of waders (Cloudveil makes such a damn tough wading pant) on a four meter it's all good (maybe after part 2), so stay focused and throw some tightloops until then!

I'll let the pics speak for themselves..

Beautiful, steep and dangerous..


flyfishingunlimited said...


Very nice photos, and beautiful nature...!! Carpathian Mointains?



George said...

Thanks Vlad,
Yeap that is a "Transilvanian Alps" (Middle Carpathians) river at it's best..I think I have some more pics left to post with this river..
Thanks for stopping by!

Jay said...

I couldn't imagine Romania could host such beautiful trout streams?...