Saturday, July 31, 2010

Five Rivers FTXL..the allround performer..

Hi folks,
This is a project built in mind for dutch guy, a great character and a good fishing buddy that I guided last summer on romanian rivers, expert dry fly fisherman. Peter wanted an allround performer, a pretty fast action rod, so I selected the fairly new FTXL9044 from the Dan Craft line. Allthough this blank is advertised as extra fast action, to me it feels like a mod-fast to fast action, very fishable, having great feel in close, very good recovery speed and great lifting power on the butt section. Quite some nice features I can say. You can notice the minimalist build on this one, no thread contrasts, just a simple, nice and clean build, all Peter's choices. The guides are slightly oversized but light wire on the first two sections to avoid sloppy tip and to maintain recovery speed. This rod loads and shoots well at all distances, has great feeling with a 4wt. line in close or at distance and good reserve even with a 5wt...
Peter, if you're reading this please post a comment..and sorry for the long wait..


Pehep Der Käfer said...

Ca de obicei reusesti sa ma uimesti de fiecare data cand postezi ceva pe aici.Amazing work ..tnx for sharing.

George said...

Multumesc si bun venit la bord..adica pe blog:)

Peter said...

Hello George,
The rod arrived today, safe and sound. I could not wait to open up the package (a little bit like undressing a woman for the first time..) The rod looks great and feels great. I did not have the opportunity to cast it with a line.
I am sure it will perform me it is a progressive action with a little bit of a tip action. I think it will exactly do what i expect it to do...catching lots of fish for the coming ten years!
Thanks again and kind regards!
Peter Kortmann NL

Unknown said...

nice fishing rod...i hope i can afford to have my own...U'r COOL!!!