Monday, December 22, 2008

Signature V 904-4 - the ultimate nymphing stick...extended

I got a call from a friend a couple of months back saying that he needs a czeck nymphing rod that's 10 ft in lenght and 3 or 4 weight...I had a Signature V 904-4 in stock and it was the longest I could build at that time. After few minutes called him back with a great extend this blank from 9 ft to 10 ft explaining him that this could result into a lighter rod than a standard 10 footer. And so it was, the extended blank was lighter than comparable blanks in the same lenght and weight...
Anyway, my friend was thrilled about the ideea and I started working not knowing how this was going to come out...but I think this is all the fun when building a totally new fly rod.
The 9 ft 4wt Sig V is allready a great all around trout rod and by adding an extension to this blank to me is a great combo for the serious fly fisherman, actually having 2 rods in one...the standard 9 foot and the longer one for nymphing.I added the extension to the Sig V 904-4 from an older rod that was broken in the past and it fitted almost perfectly...and reinforced the joining blanks with a half inch brass ring...Everything is covered with rod finish and thread so the extension and reinforcement ring can not actually be seen..This was my second feather inlay project and I'm thrilled of the result...The "ultimate nymph stick" is a allready out on the water and I am waiting for a new section to build the standard butt section for the 9 footer to form "the team".
My friend wanted a slim cigar grip to have good contact with the sensitive rod and better feeling of fishes strikes with the very talked about czech nymphing style...Green unpreserved wraps with silver spirals and red tipping for some truly estetic finishes...and some of the best components were used for this rod...
My friend Mihai is very happy with his new nymphing rod and I'm sure he will passed it over to his children and grandchildren as this rod is of heirloom quality and a very unique one in the world now...Tightloops !!

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