Friday, December 31, 2021


Ending up the year with this sleek Sage ESN HD I recently finished for a good friend. Another year's gone by and life has gotten tougher than ever.

Building these Sage rods to "perfection" over the years has been a real challenge especially because of the long script area that they employ. Painstaking effort and lots of layers for that rod of a lifetime. This Sage rod is no different and an exquisite euro-nymph or dry fly rod. 

Two weeks in the making, this is one beautiful looking rod and an amazing fishing tool. Deep, dark red wraps with titanium signature wraps, light wire snake guides and ultralight Bellinger downlocking reel seat. Nice and comfortable snub-nose half wells flor grade grip and all new custom aluminum rod tube in black and clear anodized .

The quest for perfection, handcrafted fly rods continues. Thank you for your continued support in these hard times and wishing you a Happy New Year!

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