Saturday, August 14, 2021

Sage X 597-4

This is a refurbished rod I did for a friend who bought the rod on ebay. Not an easy job and not something I like doing but some blanks deserve it. Believe or not, this rod was fitted with a Fugi spinning reel seat made of plastic.

Classic Sage style wraps but with two modern Fuzi Torzite titanium stripping guides this time and titanium snake guides. The Struble nickel silver U20 reel seat was brought back to life from an older Sage TCR and received a new vera wood insert and some nice polishing. A bit longer handle than my usual snub-nose handles helps balancing this longer rod nicely in hand.

The new X is quite a rod. I could cast easier and smoother than rods in the past. I think Sage went with a friendlier fast action rod that everyone can enjoy without tiring their wrist or arm. This is a great lake or big river rod.

I wish I had done better pics and some before the rod was restored. Thanks for looking!

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