Monday, November 4, 2019

Swift Epic 476 Amber

Heirloom grade Epic 476 Amber. Bamboo style appointments, exquisite Bellinger NS hardware, Struble coffee agate stripping guide and EcoLight snake guides, wrapped in cinnamon silk. This rod goes to Jay Lee in Holland, who is an FFF certified casting instructor and excellent fly tier, flyfishing blogger and friend to be reviewed, test casted etc. If this rod doesn't stay in Holland, it might become available. To me, the 476 casts as good as it gets. Perfect progressive action, forgiving and  easy to cast with great loop control in close or long. I've enjoyed taking it on my annual alpine lake trip this summer. Thanks for looking! #glassisnotdead


Jay said...

Looks amazing as usual! Looking forward to check the rod out and cast.
Thanks George!

Jay said...

Great build indeed!

Read my review here: