Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sage TXL-F

Despite the fact that I'm a bit out of date with the current Sage small stream blank offerings, I had the pleasure to build this sweet TXL-F 1wt. for a good friend who supplied the blank. He was kind enough to sell me another blank ("the double ought") that I built and fished all summer on my gin clear trout streams. Hands down, some of the best small stream rods Sage has ever produced. Sweet to the touch, with just enough flex and power for casting close or long. I even fished it on my annual alpine lake trip and it was amazing.

Both blanks were wrapped in classic chestnut Pearsall silk (discontinued) wich complemented the color of the blanks beautiful. I kept mine plain and simple with a "standard" but ultralight Bellinger aluminum uplocking seat and imbuya wood, but for the one weight I had a very special piece of maple burl wood that is just amazing.

The handles are two short western shapes that I love to put on light trout rods. I have three types of western shape handles actually.

Happy to share some pictures of both builds. Ok, I didn't take close up pictures of mine but I have a ton of fishy pics from this summer's fishing and guiding. Thanks for looking!

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