Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sage LL. A timeless classic.

This is a very special rod built on the original Sage LL 389-2 graphite II blank, designed by Don Green in 1985, the founder of Sage

I have had this blank in stock for some time and intented to build it for myself. But since I am a big fan of the newer Mod, I have decided to offer it to a friend that originally ordered a Tom Morgan fiberglass in 8' 3wt. wich took too long to build. The TMR fiberglass blanks are luckily becoming available again and I can't wait to build a couple of 803's this winter.

Long story short, this rare beauty here was appointed accordingly. Deep red silk wraps and gorgeous Struble "flamed" agate. I like Struble stripping guides because they have strong nickel silver frames and this one was perfect. The Bellinger downsliding nickel silver with varnished maple wood beautifully compliments the rusty red colored blank and has a matching Goldenwitch winding check.  The snub nose grip was not my first choice on this blank but I did it. Strap-and-ring hook keeper is  very classy but a though one to finish.

This rod is a piece of flyfishing history and someone will be extremely proud to have it. I hope he will enjoy every inch of it and will be passed on to future generations. Thanks for looking.

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