Thursday, April 6, 2017

Steffen 7'9" 3/4wt.

Here's a sweet Steffen rod I built for my friend Liviu at Fly Fishing Romania. It's very neat that Liviu and his wife Smaranda are also making maybe the finest amadou (and also most expensive) there is in the industry. They were very kind to offer me one and I can't wait to test it this season when the dry fly action begins.

The rod was finished just in time for the fly fishing event that took place in Germany, Europe's largest flyfishing expo (EWF). Liviu told me the rod made some "buzz" and folks were delighted with it. 

This rod is built in my heirloom grade fit & finish, with the best of everything. I hope it will be fished for many seasons and will be much enjoyed by the "Fly Fishing Romania" crew & clients (including their lovely daughter Cezara when she will be bigger). Thanks for looking!

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