Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some cool news

Just received an email from Mauri in Finland and his thoughts on the new Epic 686 Amber rod. His collection is quite amazing too. Wow...stoked to read this!

"Hi George,

The rod arrived today safely and sound. It sure was a pleasure to open up the package... Pics does not make justice for this rod! The blank itself is great looking and the color is maybe the coolest I have seen on any rod. Then the build, rarely you face up the rod that at the same time is dead straight functional and still as beautiful as a rod could be. This rod is so nice to admire and look at but still it feels as a fishing tool. It's a rare combo but this one has just that. Very clean build all the way to the rod bag and the tube as well. 

After admiring and wiggling it I took the rod outside to check how it casts. Tried a few 6 and 6/7wt WF lines and it has more power than our back yard can take... need to get this rod on the water soon. Very accurate and fast action, easy to load and shoot line with one false cast and is able to produce enough speed for big flies and for those windy days. For a glass rod that's not that common. Definitely a tool and not a toy. First impressions were great and I'm sure it will fish equally well if not better.  Have to say I have seen pretty much everything in fiberglass rod world over the last thirty years but this rod really impressed me. Really.

Thank you so much George for building this up, executing it with all your passion and skill that are clearly present in every detail. Already one of my favourite rods. Really look forward to see the process of those two future Morgan builds.

Wish you all the best and also a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Take care.



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