Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fiberglass Fly Rods. 20'th Anniversary Edition.

One year ago, I received an email from a gentleman named Victor Johnson, an author who writes books on flyfishing. Victor wrote:

"My first book was called Fiberglass Fly Rods and it was released in 1996. It was written by my father and me as we enjoyed fishing fiberglass fly rods and felt the new graphite rods were too stiff. To be honest, we felt the book was not going to be commercially successful as everyone wanted the new graphite rods. That feeling proved to be correct and we had a hard time selling all our books for $19.95. In the period since 1996, the world has rediscovered the joy of fishing fiberglass fly rods. Now, my first book sells used for several hundred dollars on Amazon (but unfortunately I do not have any left). I have been asked by many of my 4000 readers to write a 20 year update on Fiberglass Fly Rods, wich I am currently doing. A number of people have spoken favorably about your fiberglass rods (i.e., Shane Gray, Dusty Smith, etc)."

I was extremely honored to find out that Victor wanted to write a chapter about me and my rods so he sent me an interview. One year later, the book was released and I received two copies of it. 

The book contains valuable information about fiberglass fly rods and the history behind them along with profiles of contemporary rod builders. A wealth of knowledge. To be featured among american living legends like Tom Morgan and Mark Steffen and also fellow colleagues like Shane Gray, Christian Horgren, Yasuyuki Kabuto, Zeb Tonkavich, Chris Barclay, Carl McNeil and many others was very cool and a privilege. Of course, Cameron nailed it on the foreword and his experience with fiberglass fly rods is immense.

I want to very much thank Victor Johnson for the consideration and for including me in his wonderful book and everyone that recommended me and that have been part of writing this book. I am sure many other builders that have not been featured in the book, very much deserve it. 

If you want to add this book to your library, please check Victor Johnson's website and contact him directly to receive a copy. 


Unknown said...

After all you're one of the best rodbuilders so... there's no wonder. Keep it up!

Alex Jivan Knives said...

AMEN! Best buider out there ! :)

Jay said...

You deserve it bro!

George said...

Thanks a ton guys!