Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tom Morgan 8 1/2' #6

I recently finished the first Tom Morgan Rodsmiths six weight fiberglass rod. This is another very special "presentation grade" build I did for a returning customer. I am extremely happy with this rod and how it came out. It took quite some time to get it done, but I hope the long wait will soon be forgotten once this rod arrives to its new owner. 
Tom offers two special six weight fiberglass rod designs. The first one is the so called "Streamer special" in 8'3" #6 in two piece that Tom actually designed when he was at Winston for the so called "Morgan twitch" streamer technique, a very unique and very effective way to fish a streamer actually. The second is the recent 8 1/2' #6 offered in four pieces. This is the smoothest six weight rod I've yet seen. Of course, the longer length and slightly more weight than a two or three piece rod will make you think twice. But once you feel the buttery smooth action of this rod it's hard to go back and cast anything else any time soon. I think this fine rod will make a beautiful big river trout rod and besides the Morgan streamer twitch fishing technique, my guess is that it will even make a good dry fly rod due to its very smooth action and sensitive tip. Thank you for looking and hope you'll enjoy the pictures!






Jay said...

Wow, what a majestic finish!

The diameter of the blank near the grip does look a bit large for folks who are used to graphite. As long as the casting capabilities are great, who cares! :)

George said...

Thanks Jay!
Yes, E-glass can get bigger in diameter and this is a six weight and supposed to have good backbone. Still, it's smooth as silk and bends more progressively than any other rod in his league.
It won't be quite a workhorse like an Epic 686 or a graphite rod but it's surely a sweet and very unique rod.
For those wanting to also cast big dry flies in large rivers around Europe this is the one. Cheers!