Saturday, November 22, 2014

Swift Epic 480 Mocha

A heirloom quality Epic mocha fiberglass rod appointed with contrasting dark wraps, stabilized mortised redwood burl wood insert and fine black anodized uplocking hardware. The bright chrome guides and nickel silver amber agate give a little more life to the overall dark tones and I think it's just perfect. This rod's going all the way down to Aussie. Thanks for looking!



Unknown said...

This rod has to be one of the best if not the best looking rods that I have seen. Exceptional reel seat and hardware put this on a level that will be hard to match by others. Confirms to me why I hold you in high regard as a builder and my favorite for future rods. My compliments George.

George said...

Thank you for the kind words and consideration Richard. They are much apreciated.

Jay said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Minculete: It's always nice to see such loving attention to detail. Congratulations to you on such a wonderful build. I bet you loved every minute of your time assembling this piece of consummate craftsmanship. I intend to do such a build myself, and your rod has given me inspiration. Which means I am going to copy it!
There's only one problem that I am having. I can't source the reel seat in Redwood Burl, with black anodized Aluminum hardware. If indeed you purchased this, would you let me know who sells this? If not, I do know where to get an Amboyna spacer. But yours looks quite handsome.
Good luck in your future builds!