Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steffen 8' 5/6

Here is a "classic" grade Steffen build I just finished for a guy. A very clean and understated build appointed with chestnut wraps tipped in black, a modified full wells grip, dark nickel radiused style downslide reel seat with black walnut insert and blued matching winding check. I love the wood color on this one and I think is a perfect match to the chestnut silk wraps along with the dark hardware. Thanks for looking!



Jay said...

Simply gorgeous my friend.
No additional thread wrap would make it look better.

Just curious how these Steffens cast?

George said...

Thanks Jay! I'm building one with simple wraps no tippings in 7'3wt. that will be a pretty amazing light trout rod. They are silky smooth rods with a lot of power when you need them. I love the 7'- 7'3"- 7'6" 2/3wt. and 7'9" 3/4wt. for my kind of fishing. The 4pcs. have enough power to cast a line weight up. These 4/5 and 5/6 wts. are better suited for bigger fish and rivers. Cheers!

Jay said...

How do the Steffens compare to the Epic?
Lets use the Epic 480 as a reference.

George said...

Jay, It's like comparing Sage rods to Scott or Winston. They surely feel different than the Epics. I would say the Epic 480 is a more refined 4wt. than a Steffen 3/4wt. but I still love them both. It's still Sglass wich is crisper than Eglass and, every rod is different. I tent to like both of them(Epics or Steffens)up to a 4wt. the most.

Jay said...

It's difficult to compare actions, but I guess they are similar in terms of 'fastness'.

I just went outside with the Epic 480 and it has this smoothness I love. I cast the Loomis you built for me earlier in the morning.

The Epic definitely needed a longer stroke and wait for the final acceleration to the very last moment, otherwise the rod tip bounces a bit more.

Unknown said...

Wow! What an extremely beautiful build! Classic and understated, yet beauty in every detail- perfect.