Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tom Morgan blanks

Well folks, I'll have to tell you I have never been so stoked about anything like I am about these amazing Tom Morgan blanks.
They are undoubtely the finest, most gracefully fiberglass blanks made to this day. Just like Tom described them, they have lively tips, with a progressively smooth tip to butt feel. There is something unique to the material used as I have never come across to blanks with such an amazing feel. If you are familiar to the "Winston feel" and you'll pick up one of these you'll know what I'm talking about.

I could say that my favorite is the 7' 3wt. I see it as the perfect small stream trout rod for those who use a variety of flies from dry flies to small muddlers. I see it painting the fly on the water and doing some amazing roll casts, while having enough power and snap to handle bigger flies too.

The 6'9" "light " 3wt. is just magical. It will make the ultralight angler's delight and will be nothing but perfect on the smallest of water. This one will literally paint the fly on the water. It will be awesome on small alpine streams in Austria for brook trout. 

The 7'6" 4wt. would make a very smooth, more versatile rod for small and medium sized water.

The 8' 3wt. is naturally heavier and slower but still has that lively tip and feel Tom described, and will make a great longer rod for spring creeks or wherever light line presentations are required.

These exceptional blanks will be built as "stock" rods (except the 8' 3wt.), and at some point some of them will be available for purchase. I would gladly build more of these on order as well as they will hopefully become more available.


Jay said...

wouldn't it be something to fish the Morgan on a gin clear mountain stream in Austria together? :D

Wish I had some spare cash right now. I'd ask you to build it right away!

George said...

Yeah that would be pretty amazing. I'll tell you what. If I'll meet you on the stream, I'll make sure to bring two Morgans along. They are the most freakishly amazing glass I've ever felt in my hands. Hands down!

Jay said...

Don't make it difficult for me George….