Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kabuto white. Second project.

A very special second Kabuto 764-3 white build almost as my first. The same fittings, components, just a slightly different, modified full wells grip. This beauty will see some arctic chars in Nova Scotia, Canada! I am stoked!



Unknown said...

George, you can't imagine the thrill and enjoyment I am feeling to see this rod on you blog culminating months of correspondence with you. It looks exactly the way I imagined it would be and if it fishes half as good as it looks ,I will be 100% happy with it.This will be my number one go to rod or at least until I receive the Steffen planned for October!Your skills in photography are equally superb. Many thanks, R.C.

Unknown said...

George, just received the Kabuto yesterday and have to tell you that it's amazing. Casting with a glass rod (and it's my first) is a joy. Feedback from the rod as it loads in the back cast is excellent.This might be my first, but not my last glass rod.I love the slower action of this material as opposed to the "Rocket Launcher" graphite rods, produced by so many manufactures of today. Kab truly produces an excellent blank, and your talent equals that.Thanks again. R.c.

George said...

Richard, thank you for the extremely kind words!
Kabuto is a master with fiberglass, he truly understands tapers and how glass works in casting.
What would the result of my work be without the feedback coming from you, the fishermen that use them..
Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to see some fishy pictures and your next projects!